OPENING HOURS: Tue – Sun 9.00 – 13.00; 14.00 – 18.00; Mon – closed

Valentina Grigorova. Dove on the wire

On March 8, 2023, at 6 p.m., Valentina Grigorova’s exhibition Dove on a Wire will open in the Art Gallery – Ruse.
There is an autobiographical moment in the exhibition. The author justifies her decisions and answers the questions that have been bothering her for a long time. The exhibition is also dedicated to Mother’s Day!

Valentina Grigorova is interested in female power and its thousands of transformations. Drawings dedicated to several legendary women she admires will be featured. Mostly because of their characters, which she likes, and sometimes she recognizes parts of their lives. They have inspired her and influenced her so much. The artist paints not their external images, but their impact on her. And to make it more festive, he plans to accompany the exhibition with some of the poetry and songs of the legendary women he will talk about.

“Can a woman possess both strength and a sharp mind and that subtle sensitivity that only poets have, to raise and educate children, to work, to defend her art, and in spite of all difficulties to assert her civil, purely human and moral position, trying to change the world? I can, of course! I know such women – they are unique, but they exist. And it is to such strong and courageous individuals that I dedicate my project, in the hope that one day I will be at least a little like them. Inspirational and resurrecting is their powerful and creative power with which they reshape the world, and when one falls into one of these Universes – life is delicious, tolerable and gracious.”

Valentina Grigorova