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Ruse Painting School

The term “Ruse Painting school” originated in the 70s of the 20th century, when the  group of Ruse artists begin to present tangibly in the general picture of Bulgarian Painting. Colleagues and critics more sustainable pay attention to the performances of authors from the Danube town and their active participation in common and national art exhibitions.

Despite the striking  individuality of the artists  Dimitar Hinkov, Kiril Stanchev, Petar Popov, Stefan Katsarov, Veselin Parushev, Radi Nedelchev, Tsvyatko Tsvetkov, Nikifor Tsonev,  Marko and Vasilka Monevi, generally is  the  partiality for the chamber genres and especially to the landscape. The works are characterized by intimacy, meditative conditions and muted range of colours.

The images of water – Danube River and the sea, Ruse with its architecture, various places in Bulgaria and abroad are presented in their canvas. Many of these authors, under the influence of European modernism, paint ateliers, windows, still lifes.

One of the directions in forming of the entire fund of the Gallery is to create a collection of works of the Ruse artists, systematically filled by directors and curators over the years. Today it occupies a significant part of the fund, where each author from the School is represented by 30 to 50 works. The paintings are a testament to the creative contribution and place of the group in the general panorama of Bulgarian art in the 70-80 years of the 20th century.

Volodya Kenarev

Intermission, 1983

Violeta Radkova

Double portrait

Nikolai Ruschukliev


Vasilka Moneva

Interior, 1986

Velimir Petrov

Winter still life, 1977

Veselin Parushev

Landscape from Ruse, 1960

Dimitar Stefanov

Transmission line

Dimitar Hinkov

Danube landscape

Yordan Parashkevov


Marco Monev


Nikifor Tsonev


Nikolai Karadzhov


Petar Popov – Popeto

Composition 4

Radi Nedelchev

Winter evening

Roxandra Kostova


Stefan Katsarov


Todor Filipov


Fikret Islam

Flowers 3

Tsvetko Tsvetkov