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Miniart 2017

``There is nothing that man fears more than the touch of the unknown…`` (E. Canetti)

Sixth International Biennial The Art of Miniature

2017, Ruse, Bulgaria

The Biennale “The Art of the Miniature” is held under the patronage of the Mayor of Ruse, Mr. Plamen Stoilov, and is implemented with the financial support of the Municipality of Ruse and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

178 artists from Bulgaria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, and Japan sent their works to participate in the competition. Jury composed of: Gue Schmidt, Austria – curator, artist; Stoil Mirchev – artist, representative of SBH; Dimitar Anastasov – artist; Irena Petrova – Director of the Culture and Education Directorate, Ruse Municipality and Elena Velikova – Director of the Art Gallery – Ruse selected the works and announced the winners in the categories of painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture and photography, as well as the winner of the Grand Prize. Additional awards were also presented to organizations and sponsors. The exhibition includes 276 works by 125 authors.


Grand prize: Anna Borisova-Emilova, Instincts I

Award for painting: Katya Hristova, Enlightened Dreams

Graphics award: Ivelin Shirov, Portrait I

Drawing Award: Lora Yaneva, Melancholy Reflections III

Award for Sculpture: Alexandrina Ivanova, The Color of Nature I

Photography Award: Petya Vasileva, The Road

Audience Award: Senem Tüfekçi (Turkey)

Union of Bulgarian Artist’s award: Martina Karaivanova, I didn’t know III

Award of Ruse Art Gallery: Eva Chong-Fux (Spain), Lost and Found 02

Prize of the Society of Ruse Artists: Angel Ivanov, The abyss of fear II

Award of the Firm Megahim:: Vladimir Kirov, The Book

Econt Foundation Award: Vasil Nikolov, Various

Award of the Firm Hlebozavod Ruse: Ivana Makedonova, Love

Hotel Lombardi Award: Grisha Kubratov, Etude for Saxophone and Contrabass

Anna Borisova – Emilova

Instincts I

Katya Hristova

Enlightened Dreams

Ivelin Shirov

Portrait I

Lora Yaneva

Melancholy Reflections III

Alexandrina Ivanova

The Colour of Nature I

Petya Vasileva

The Road

Senem Tüfekçi (Turkiye)


Martina Karaivanova

I didn't know III

Eva Chong-Fux (Spain)

Lost and Found 02

Angel Ivanov

The abyss of fear IІ

Vladimir Kirov

The Book

Ivana Makedonova


Grisha Kubratov

Etude for Saxophone and Contrabass