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Foreign Graphics

Ruse Art Gallery is one of the galleries in Bulgaria with its own collection of foreign art. At the present moment, the fund is kept over 100 works of artists from Europe, Asia and America, with  predomination of the European authors. Much of the graphics and drawings are received during the last two decades of the last century. The collection is formed mainly by donations from artists and individuals, and  – less by purchases. In 2013 the gallery setup a mobile exhibition with selected works from each national graphic school.

Late 19th – early 20th century are represented by the French school with the pastoral landscape of Lucien Dasselborne and mythological vision of Henri Fantin – Latour. The modernistic searches from the first half of the last century are associated with theirs two compatriots, representatives of the Paris School and abstractionism – Andre Lanskoy and Serge Sharshoune. Main objects in theirs lithographs are the color, rhythm and the play of the shapes.

Traditional Chinese painting is one of the main directions in the Far East visual arts, combining the poetry, painting, calligraphy and engraving art. With its theme, form and means of expression, it becomes a unique phenomen on in the world art and culture. The gallery collection presents works of artists Isin Chzhen, Sha Tsun Ding, So Tsa Uan, Cha Li, Mei Chin Ku. They come from the ongoing International painting plein-air and the solo and joint exhibitions in the 80 and 90s of the 20th century in Ruse.

At the same time the collection is enriched with works of Latvian artists Gunnar Krolis, Aija Ozoliņa, Inar Helmut; Polish artists Stanislav Borisovski and Eduard Salinski.

For the development of Japanese graphic are interesting the works of  Susumu Endo. The author is known with his passion for the natural forms and spaces. By the combining photography and lithography with the latest computer technology, he reaches to the clean

aesthetic, which characterizes all of his works.

From the performances and actions, collection receives  the graphics  by Branko Nikolov, Velizar Krstic, Branko Rakovich ( Theatre in theMount, 2007), drawing by Albino Piti (Vis&Vertigo, 2015), art works from the International Biennial The Art of Miniature in Ruse by Kumnam Baik, Eva Choung-Fux, Senem Kas Tufekci, Tomislav Spikic, Kristina Ćavar, Michael Wagner (2015, 2017, 2019).

The collection Foreign Graphic and Drawing  displays authors from different schools, as well as some trends in graphic art from the early 20th century till now.

Andre Lanskoy


Sergey Sharshun


Susumo Endo

Nature 94G

Velizar Krustic


Stanislav Borisovsky

Dancer, 1978

Robert Yanchovitch

In Yellow, 1992

Paolo Chempini

Smiling Life, 2016

Camillo Otero


Inar Helmut

Eva, 1971

Zoltan Ven

Miracle Tree

Emin Koch

Expectation and love

Gun Min

Tower of the fortress

Alexander Dembo

Nocturne, 1978