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Miniart 2021

„Time of Reformatting“

Eighth International Biennial Art of Miniature

2021, Ruse, Bulgaria

The forum is held under the patronage of the mayor of the city of Ruse, Mr. Pencho Milkov, and is implemented with the financial support of the Municipality of Ruse and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

243  artists from from Bulgaria, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, South Korea, France, Japan have submitted works to participate in the competition.  On October 1, a jury chaired by Teatske Burgerjon – artist, Collection research and project coordination, Musée du Petit Format d’Art Contemporain (MPFAC), Nismes, Belgium, and members Iva Chavdarova – Direction Culture of Municipality of Ruse; Elena Panayotova – artist, representative of Union of Bulgarian Artists – Sofia; Yordan Kisov – artist, and Elena Velikova – director of the Art Gallery – Ruse, selected the works and presented the winners in the categories of Painting, Graphics, Drawing, Sculpture and Photography, as well as the winner of the Grand Prize of the Municipality of Ruse. According to the competition rules, additional awards were provided by public organizations and sponsors. All nominated and awarded authors received diplomas and plaquese, created by Professor Emil Popov.

Nominations for Painting:

  1. Aneliya Raykova
  2. Britt Schneider, Germany
  3. Vyara Guneva
  4. Mario Nikolov
  5. Nedret Yashar, Bulgaria/Turkey
  6. Cvetka Hojnik, Slovenia
  7. Yasuyuki Uzawa, Japan

Nominations for Graphic:

  1. Aleksandra Lason, Poland
  2. Eva Choung-Fux, Spain
  3. Lukasz Cuwicki, Poland
  4. Rumen Nechev
  5. Silviya Bozhilova

Nominations for Drawing:

  1. Aneliya Nikolova
  2. Veledin Marinov
  3. Veselin Damyanov – Ves
  4. Ireneusz Kopacz, Poland
  5. Martina Karaivanova
  6. Gordana Andrasic, Croatia

Nominations for Sculpture:

  1. Varban Hristov, Bulgaria/France
  2. Gue Schmidt, Austria
  3. Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto
  4. Olga Yordanova

Nominations for Photography:

  1. Alexandru Serbanescu, Romania
  2. Alexandar Nishkov
  3. Maria (Mia) Bozhilova

Grand Prix: Nedret Yashar (Bulgaria/Turkey), Eve

Award for Painting: Mario Nikolov, QR – The Tower of Babel (according to the painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder from 1563)

Award for Graphic: Rumen Nechev, Ex Votos VІ-2

Award for Drawing: Veselin Damyanov – Ves, He is!

Award for Sculpture: Gue Schmidt (Austria), The World Viewed from the Side / View І

Award for Photography: Alexandru Serbanescu (Romania),  A Modern Day Prayer Totem

Publics Award: Nedret Yashar (Bulgaria/Turkey)

Award of the Union of Bulgarian Artist: Aleksandra Lason (Poland), Leftovers I

Award of the Art Gallery Ruse: Vyara Guneva, …Am

Award of the Econt Foundation: Aneliya Raykova, Poetic Pianissimo

Award of the Lombardi Hotel: Grisha Kubratov, Nostalgic in Blue

Award of Obshtinski Pazari Ltd: Dimitar Staykov – Demetrius, Planetoid 27, 51%

Award of Association Sagrazhdani: Mona Moneva, Ruse I, II, III

Nedret Yashar


Mario Nikolov

QR - The Tower of Babel

Rumen Nechev

Ex Votos VІ-2

Veselin Damyanov – Ves

He is!

Gue Schmidt, Austria

The World Viewed from the Side / View І

Alexandru Serbanescu, Romania

A Modern Day Prayer Totem

Aleksandra Lason, Poland

Leftovers I

Vyara Guneva


Grisha Kubratov

Nostalgic in Blue

Dimitar Staykov – Demetrius

Planetoid 27

Aneliya Raykova

Poetic Pianissimo

Mona Moneva


7th International Biennial - The Art of Miniature, 2021


Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture. The edition is bilingual - in Bulgarian and English, with hardcover, contains 348 color pages. It includes more than 200 artists from 19 countries, presented with one of their works in the categories of painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture and photography, as well as biographical data. The catalogue is made by the gallery team. The photographs are the work of Tsvetan Chetushki, the prepress preparation of Ivaylo Marinov, the printing was made at Ruse Press-Multicommerce base.