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Miniart 2023

„Against the wind“



2023, Ruse, Bulgaria


The forum is held under the patronage of the mayor of the city of Ruse, Mr. Pencho Milkov, and is implemented with the financial support of the Municipality of Ruse and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.


330  artists from from Bulgaria, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, India, Spain, Canada, Cyprus, Moldova, N. Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, France, Sweden, Japan have submitted works to participate in the competition.  On September, 29, 2023, a jury chaired by Zoran Arsovski – artist and curator of visual arts, design and architecture at the Centre for Culture Trayko Prokopiev, city of Kumanovo, Republic of North Macedonia. The works were also evaluated by Iva Chavdarova – chief expert of the Department of Culture at the Municipality of Ruse, Valentin Uzunov – artist and representative of the Union of Bulgarian Artists – Sofia, the artist Martina Karaivanova and the director of the Art Gallery Elena Velikova, selected the works and presented the winners in the categories of Painting, Graphics, Drawing, Sculpture and Photography, as well as the winner of the Grand Prize of the Municipality of Ruse. According to the competition rules, additional awards were provided by public organizations and sponsors. All nominated and awarded authors received diplomas and plaquese, created by Professor Emil Popov.

Exposition includes 270 artists with 598 works.


Nominations for Painting:

  1. Dimitar Cholakov
  2. Ivan Shishkov
  3. Momir Knezevic, Serbia
  4. Konstantin /Kosta/ Donchev
  5. Lyubima Bаrdarova
  6. Nedret Yashar, Bulgaria/Turkey
  7. Nikolay V. Dobrev
  8. Tihomir Vitkov,
  9. Trayana Panayotova

Nominations for Graphic:

  1. Veselin Damyanov – Ves
  2. Ivan Ninov
  3. Marek Grzyb, Poland
  4. Marta Tomczyk, Poland
  5. Mersiha Merdzanovic-Memic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nominations for Drawing:

  1. Bisera Valeva
  2. Vladimir Kirov
  3. Zarko Vuckovic, Serbia
  4. Ireneusz Kopacz, Poland
  5. Maria Todorina
  6. Michal Marek, Poland
  7. Tsvetelina Stefanova

Nominations for Sculpture:

  1. Alfred Graselli, Austria
  2. Bogomil Nikolov
  3. Yoana Alexandrova
  4. Nikoleta Ivanova-Stoimirova

Nominations for Photography:

  1. Petya Vasileva
  2. Pepa Markova
  3. Svetlin Savov
  4. Silvia-Maria Stoica, Romania
  5. Teodora Nishkov


Grand Prix: Dimitar Cholakov. Motive ІІ

Award for Painting: Trayana Panayotova. After the Wind I

Award for Graphic: Marta Tomczyk, Poland. Your Portrait disappear in the Tokonoma of my Memory III

Award for Drawing: Irineusz Kopacz, Poland. Mapping (Horizon III)

Award for Sculpture: Nikoleta Ivanova-Stoimirova. Rest

Award for Photography: Svetlin Savov. Vibrations II

Union of Bulgarian Artist Award: Nikolay V. Dobrev. Impromptu Still Life in Beige

Ruse Art Gallery Award: Manol Panchovski. Vibrations II

Audience Award: Manyo Manev

Econt Express OOD: Yavor Michev. Freedom Against the Wind

Obshtinski Pazari EOOD Award: Ertan Alev. The Storm has Passed

Lombardi Hotel Award: Vladimir Kirov. Tought on the Past Time

Dr. Petar Beron Association Awards: Ubavka Tonchev. Еxpectation; Iva Staneva . Waft

Dimitar Cholakov

Motive ІІ

Iva Staneva

Waft, 2023

Yavor Michev

Freedom Against the Wind, 2023

Ubavka Tonchev

Еxpectation, 2021

Manyo Manev

Space II, 2023

Ertan Alev

The Storm has Passed, 2023

Vladimir Kirov

Tought on the Past Time, 2023

Nikolay V. Dobrev

Impromptu Still Life in Beige, 2021

Manol Panchovski

Vibrations II, 2023

Svetlin Savov

Vibrations II, 2022

Nikoleta Ivanova-Stoimirova

Rest, 2023

Marta Tomczyk, Poland

Your Portrait disappear in the Tokonoma of my Memory III, 2022

Irineusz Kopacz, Poland

Mapping (Horizon III), 2023

Trayana Panayotova

After the Wind I

IX International Biennale ``The Art of the Miniature``, 2023


Realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. The edition is bilingual - in Bulgarian and English, with hard covers, contains 396 color pages. It features more than 270 authors from 25 countries, represented with one work each in the categories of painting, graphics, drawing, sculpture and photography, as well as biographical information. The catalog was produced by the gallery team. The photographs are the work of Valentin Rusev, the pre-press preparation by Ivaylo Marinov, the printing was carried out at the base of Ruse Press-Multicommerce.